Our Values


Parker Dennison and our subcontractors share a set of values which we integrate into our engagement opportunities and in our approach to our work.

Commitment to To Personal Health Empowerment

We share a deep and abiding commitment to those with healthcare needs and their families and believe they should be partners with providers and public funding authorities in the development and monitoring of the health system that serves them. We incorporate this value through our active inclusion and support of consumer and family participation in all facets of our work. We embrace and encourage the incorporation of the concepts of recovery and resiliency and believe that these concepts maximize the likelihood of consumer satisfaction, access, and service efficacy.  We recognize that personal health empowerment comes through successful engagement and education about health needs, prevention, treatment, and services and supports available.

Commitment to the Success of Providers

Parker Dennison fundamentally respects health providers and we recognize that only through having a stable, efficient, and effective provider network can persons with health needs and their families receive the level and quality of services and supports necessary to support their recovery and health. We value providers as the link to local communities and the point at which abstract concepts take on reality and impact individuals, and we therefore are ultimately committed to the success of providers.

Commitment to Supporting Strong Integrated Behavioral Health Policy Leadership

Parker Dennison is committed to supporting the strong integrated behavioral health policy. We believe that the presence of strong integrated behavioral health policy is central to the creation and maintenance of a stable, efficient, and effective healthcare system that is most likely to support the comprehensive health of individuals.

Commitment to a Collaborative Approach

We are committed to a collaborative approach to systems change and transformation. We believe that in times of limited resources, and competing needs from other public systems, the health system can ill afford to have healthcare consumers, providers and state authorities having the appearance of struggling against one another. Building understanding of complex issues, finding collaborative solutions, and ultimately garnering the support of key constituencies increases the likelihood of workable outcomes and preservation of system funding and supports.

Commitment to Producing Value-Driven, Practical Solutions

Parker Dennison consultants are well-known for our practical, ‘real-world’ solutions to the day to day challenges of surviving in today’s healthcare environment. Because of the breadth of our operational experience, we can not only tell a client what they need to do, but can offer examples of similar situations, work product proven to be successful, and when desired, link the client to someone who has successfully accomplished similar objectives. We pride ourselves on good ‘bang for the buck’ production of outcomes for our clients, including timely and professional products whether they be plans, reports, or presentations.