Focus Areas

Parker Dennison has a long history of serving the public-sector community behavioral health vision. We are well known for our focus on operational practicalities and our unflagging commitment to implementing solutions that work in the real world of day-to-day service delivery. With our balanced client portfolio of authorities, providers, and public sector health managed care, Parker Dennison has been very effective in assisting authorities in the development of practical approaches and translating authority needs and models into provider daily operations.

State, Regional, & Local Authorities

Parker Dennison core staff have provided consultation services to more than 30 authorities (state/regional/local jurisdictions) and six national public sector managed care entities. Services have focused nearly exclusively on system transformation issues and have included readiness reviews for operational areas, technical training on key tasks (utilization management, crisis, central access, prior authorization, claims, service definitions, needs assessment, network development and management), and operational supports during start up. States in which Parker Dennison has provided services to local, regional, or state jurisdictions or public sector managed care entities include: Ohio, Virginia, Missouri, Iowa, Hawaii, Nebraska, Colorado, Arizona, Alaska, California, Massachusetts, Maryland, North Carolina, South Carolina, Texas, Tennessee, Illinois, New Mexico, Washington, District of Columbia, Oregon, Wyoming, Montana, Kansas, Georgia, and Florida.
Sample State & Local Authority Engagements

Community-Based Providers

Parker Dennison has a rich history of extensive work with community based behavioral health providers and hospitals having provided training and technical assistance to over 400 providers in more than 40 states over the past sixteen years. As long time senior consultants affiliated with the National Council for Community Behavioral Healthcare (NCCBH), a non-profit trade association representing more than 900 providers in 46 states, Parker Dennison has consulted and been featured trainers to virtually all of their member states. Consulting focus has been nearly exclusively on operational responses to changing funding environments and methodologies, with an emphasis on honoring and preserving the non-profit and community based values. Authors of more than 20 monographs or manuals on provider technical operations issues, Parker Dennison has frequently been called upon by state authorities to assist providers with turn around, transition, or financial crisis issues. Sample Provider Engagements

Public-Sector Behavioral Health Managed Care

Over the past 16 years, Parker Dennison has worked with behavioral health managed care entities ranging from the very largest, national firms to non-profit regional and local managed care entities. Always operational in focus, our work has included assisting with bids including assessing provider network needs, care management strategy development, provider training needs and actual proposal management and drafting. Parker Dennison consultants have been key team leads for nearly a dozen public sector mental health, substance abuse, and child welfare managed care implementations including in Iowa, Massachusetts, Arizona, Texas, Wisconsin, Kansas, and Colorado. Sample Managed Care Engagements