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IL Plan for Williams v Quinn Pending Court Approval

The implementation plan and tasks/timeline for resolution of the Illinois class action suit, Williams v Quinn has been submitted to the court and is pending approval.  Both are available for public review.  On September 30, 2010 the consent decree representing agreement to offer community living arrangements to over 4300 individuals with mental illnesses currently residing in Illinois institutes for mental disease (IMDs) was approved. Over 5 years, Illinois will offer transition to permanent supported housing or similar community settings for the class members.

Illinois ACT/CST Rate Review Report

In preparation for transitioning Williams class members into community services, Parker Dennison was asked to assess whether the current rates for team-based services, ACT and CST, are adequate to support expansion of capacity for these services.  The findings can be found in the complete report available to the public.  ACT CST Summary Rept 6-30-11Final

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