New Mexico Medicaid Modernization

New Mexico has released a Concept Paper describing “Centennial Care”, the framework for ambitious changes to Medicaid. Built on the values of health care integration, it seeks to combine up to 12 existing Medicaid waivers into one 1115 Demonstration Waiver. In addition it would integrate long term care, physical care, and behavioral healthcare, all of which would be administered and managed by 3-5 managed care organizations. Building upon their experience with a single statewide managed care entity for the management of Medicaid and non-Medicaid behavioral health services, New Mexico has set forth a vision that while integrating behavioral health, affords specific protections to ensure that any savings from behavioral health are not shifted elsewhere. The state intends to release their draft 1115 waiver application soon in order to stay on track with an expected “go live” date of October, 2013.

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