What We Do

How We Can Help

Parker Dennison has a long history of supporting a publicly funded, integrated community health vision. We are well known for our focus on operational practicalities and our unflagging commitment to implementing solutions that work in the realities of today’s health care environment. With our balanced client portfolio of authorities, health plans, and providers Parker Dennison has been very effective in assisting authorities in the development of practical approaches and translating authority needs and models into provider daily operations. With a combined experience of over 50 years managing projects large and small, our approach is organized, detail oriented, and well structured.

Parker Dennison:

  • Assists public authorities and private health plans to evaluate the need for MCO/ASO supports, draft procurement RFPs, evaluate proposals, conduct implementation readiness reviews, and monitor ongoing MCO/ASO operations and contract compliance
  • Provide expert consultation, technical assistance, and facilitation to authorities, regulatory agencies, and the Department of Justice in support of contract and regulation adherence and litigation settlements
  • Assist public authorities and private health plans develop whole- person care coordination models including integrated LTSS, behavioral, and physical health. Includes clinical construct, case load analysis and monitoring model development, budget analysis, and compliance monitoring
  • Assists providers and authorities implement new funding models including capitation, Medicaid Rehabilitation Option, fee-for-service, and managed systems
  • Helps health plans for publicly funded services develop integrated physical health, behavioral health and long term care strategies including model development, proposal development, and implementation
  • Helps authorities develop new Medicaid State Plan and Waivers including service definitions, associated rules, and rate setting analysis and recommendations
  • Supports providers in adapting their operational systems to be successful in various funding environments, especially funding system transitions
  • Offers assessment, turnaround planning, and operational support to organizations that are in fiscal and/or operational distress
  • Assists providers and authorities to analyze the operational impacts of complex regulations such as those related to Electronic Health Records and Meaningful Use, and facilitate efficient and effective implementation
  • Assists authorities to develop public sector managed care competencies including integrated solutions
  • Provides financial analysis, recommendations, and cost restructuring assistance to providers and authorities
  • Helps authorities, managed care entities and provider networks respond competitively to RFPs including analyzing requirements, project managing a drafting team response, and final drafting/editing of proposals